Chris Garneau's New Album

Kyle Pfister has a review of Chris Garneau's new cd, Music for Tourists at Dane101.

Oddly enough, I was hoping to do a post on Chris and the new album, as I met him two years ago while sitting next to him on a flight into LaGuardia on Long Island. He was returning from South by Southwest in Austin. I know I referenced him in an old post here at LIB, and I've kept an eye on his website, hoping he might take off nationally.

His music, which he rightly said resembled Elliott Smith's in a way, is a distinct piano-based singer-songwriter/post-emo/indie sort of bird that will sit softly on your shoulder and sing you to sleep. It's stuff to sip in the wee hours. Baby's Romance is my favorite song (don't know if it's on the album). He's doing a show in Chicago in May, so perhaps a Madison junket could be thrown together?

But more later...as I said, I was hoping to do a post...and was in the middle of arranging something interesting to jazz it up a bit.