Althouse's "blogging flame war"

A Lombardi quote seems in order - What the Hell is going on out there?

So a huge swarm of lefty bloggers in unison declared me to be an absolute witch for getting angry for one minute when Garance -- the woman who began the dialogue by owning up to the technique of "seeming like you don't know what you're doing" -- sprang a touchy old subject on me.

Althouse is getting slapped around out there by lefty bloggers for her recent appearance on Bloggingheads (dingalink) where she discusses lefty bloggers attacking her and explodes at the other participant, Garance, when Althouse's comments about Jessica Valenti's breasts are brought up (it's all very Althousian, very bloggy, very mirror seen in a mirror sound and fury - and quite entertaining when she gets offended).

Her detractors are proving her point, though, calling her a "dimwit and tool of the Right." She's neither. Quirky, sensitive, and even self-absorbed, perhaps, but not stupid nor a conservative lackey.

I, for one, stand with Ann. Somebody's gotta represent for the home state.

*Also, is Althouse doing paid product placement for Espresso Royale? She raises the coffee cup prominently and often throughout the show...?