A group of roommates, friends, and acquaintances was headed out to Middleton for Capital Brewery's BockFest yesterday afternoon, and naturally someone had to be the DD. Guess who drew short straw. Despite the ignominious designation, I had a good time - and even a taste of the famed Blonde. The best part of the event was the "Fish Fly" which was signaled by the arrival of the chartreuse dinosaur on the brewery warehouse ramparts.

As Kirby the veteran fishthrower strode mage-like to the roof's edge, flags flying, I suddenly wondered if I hadn't wandered into the latest Central Asian Color Revolution. With roars from the crowd below, the beads stopped flying from the roof and Kirby began launching smoked chubs into the masses. Many of them didn't make it to the multitude of outstretched gloves and mugs intact... Someone near me mentioned that the throwing of fish and copious beer consumption was an ancient Germanic tradition where the local ruler would effectively reinforce his rule with a northern version of "Bread and Circus."

The event was packed - and much younger than I would have expected. It was a hearty dose of fellow twenty-somethings with a fun assortment of drinking and cold-weather gear. I ran into all sorts of people I hadn't seen in a long time.

And a word to the wise - don't wear your Sunday best if you go next year. You might get a chunk of fish or two on you, like the guy in the shot above (he eventually maneuvered most of it into his empty Bock mug).

Viva la doppelbock!