A tradition dies

Well, here's sad news: the UW-Madison is no longer the top provider of Peace Corps volunteers:
The University of Washington grabbed the top spot with just four volunteers more than UW-Madison.

Washington had 110 volunteers compared to UW-Madison's 106.

UW-Madison still holds the No. 2 ranking overall, and Gov. Jim Doyle, who spent years in the Peace Corps, said that is good enough for him.

"I'm very proud to have been a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison -- to be one of those together with my wife to be Peace Corps volunteers. So I'm glad Washington is No. 1 this year. We'll be back," Doyle said.

If I wanted to snark, I'd say leave it to Doyle to settle for second best or I'm horrified to learn that I have something in common with Doyle, but really I'm just kind of bummed that my alma-mater has lost a position it held for a darn long time.

I wonder if I count as one of the 106 this year, or if, because I graduated last May, I missed the cutoff.