Speaking of Prohibition...

Mike H alludes to the colossal blunder in his vigorous post below opposing the proposed smoking ban.

Well, here's a sampling from Wisconsin's 1918 Prohibitionist Party Platform (man, they stood for all sorts of things* - Opiate would get along well):

"We, the Prohibitionists of Wisconsin in Convention assembled, recognizing Almighty God as the source of all government, do hereby adopt the following declaration of principles: [...]

The business of manufacturing and selling intoxicating liquors is hindering the prosecution of the war and delaying our victory [...]

To insure the safety of our democracy and the proper development of our national life, prohibition should be made permanent. To this end, we urge the ratification of the Prohibition amendment to the National constitution as soon as possible."

*See the new LIB "Storage Shed" for a complete pdf of the 1918 Prohibitionist Platform - straight from the 1919 Wisconsin Blue Book.

The Shed is part of LIB Version 2.0's long range vision (since we plan to stay at Blogger for the time being). There's even some original accordion music stashed in there - check it out.