Setting the Record Straight

While it took me until now to notice (didn't really see any traffic coming from the link until today), I think it's important to clear up a mischaracterization of some LIB content.

Jay over at Folkbum ripped one of my old posts about State Supreme Court Candidate Linda Clifford back on January 8th. But he obviously failed to read the post thoroughly after he found it at the top of his search list - he errs in his reference, saying I called Clifford "Wisconsin's own Souter." I did not - I labeled Justice Patrick Crooks with that moniker - or certainly intended to, as can be discerned from the context. And yes, he has certainly taken on a less conservative cast in key decisions in the past few years, most notably on liabilty cases.

I have no beef with Folkbum's decision to fisk a number of blogs and try to fend off criticism of Clifford; that's his right to his opinion. I do have a problem when my position is factually misrepresented.

Incidentally, mine was a pretty factual post - any statements about Clifford in the piece were sourced with links and pretty much devoid of opinionated commentary. Legal stances are trickier things to distill than political stances; Justice Scalia, for example, is far more libertarian on some aspects of the law than most people realize. I try to keep an open mind and get some nuance while taking a look at the candidate as a person.

Anyway, I think Folkbum central argument ignores Clifford's almost "Falkian" failings - her lack of experience as an actual judge stands to give Annette Ziegler a fundamental advantage parallel to that enjoyed by Van Hollen in the fall, if the point is pressed home. There's also the ominous harpsichord, too...