Music on the Horizon

Since I have a bit of a hiatus here before starting my new job on Friday, I thought I'd take a look at a few interesting shows in the near future.

A member of the instrumentalist band Cougar actually crashed at our house last night before heading out to a show in LaCrosse today. They're getting some buzz, and I remembered the Isthmus piece on the band and the fact that the group's drummer used to be with Youngblood Brass Band, who always put on a great show. Looks like Cougar's playing on Monday the 29th at the High Noon. One of my roommates says I have to go. They certainly have a cool website, if nothing else.

Another personal favorite, Copper Box, is slated to hit the Essen Haus on Friday, February 9th at 8:30. I know Thursday night is when the Haus is in its prime, but I have no doubt, after experiencing Copper Box's unique, young, and raucous mix of polka and rock at the Johnsonville Sausage Fest last summer in Johnsonville - yes, that's what it's called - that the crowd will be going crazy Friday, too. As they note on their site: "Dancing is allowed/tolerated at this show!" Be sure to request Comfortably Numb "The Pink Floyd Polka" if I don't do it first. It's awesome.

I know Steve has a favorite band coming to town in coming weeks - with a mutual favorite for opener as well. But I'll let him make his pitch, and maybe fill you in on the Jolie Holland show from Sunday night.