Lights, camera... awesome?

After Zach Braff was only able to elicit a "meh" from Madison, another film seems to be giving it a go, and it's looking good so far:
Here is how you know the new independent film currently shooting in Madison is going to be good.

The hero, who attended UW-Madison and has gone on to become famous - though disillusioned - as a journalist, comes back to Madison looking for some of the idealism and hope that once fueled him, and what's the first thing he does?

He goes to the Plaza.

Good enough for me! Any good Madison-ite loves the place, y'know...

Speaking of film, the Beloit International Film Festival is gearing up for this weekend:
Consider it an antidote to mainstream box office boredom. Between Jan. 19 and 22, a collection of venues throughout the city will screen more than 80 shorts, documentaries and feature films. The festival is highlighting works of established filmmakers and showcasing new talent, too.

Anyone got a ride down?