Cougar Show at the High Noon

While the two opening bands were somewhere between hit-or-miss and fair-to-middlin', Cougar rocked a full house at the High Noon with something different.

Led by a drummer who could shift from delicate complexities on the set to an all out massive attack - in good old Youngblood style - the band succeeded in creating an atmosphere of music.

Fortunately, it wasn't too ethereal. It was hard not to feel the bass even as images of clouds floated by in the background - especially on the first two songs ( the second titled "Strict Scrutiny") and a new song called something like Keep Famous.

Time Magazine called Radiohead the saviors of rock when they reached international reknown in the late '90s - Cougar represents a way forward, too. By drawing together sounds of Radiohead with acoustic, computer, and cello and the frenzied audio assault of Youngblood percussion and occasional Bloc Party guitar, it's clearly something new.

They call it emergency rock.

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