"And heck, they had a coach who was a doctor."

Bo Ryan answers questions about all and sundry in advance of the Michigan game and his court dedication in Platteville. An interesting exchange during the interview shows Bo is in the know when it comes to his UW sports forebears:

QUESTION #3: You seem to be someone who enjoys to talk about or know about history, and you’ve referenced it at different times over the years, about the history of the Wisconsin basketball program. What do you know about the 1915-1916 Wisconsin Badger basketball team?

RYAN: Well, that it must have been a hardy group of players, you know, especially the way they traveled then and what they went through. I would think they were a bunch of fine gentleman who represented the University well. And heck, they had a coach who was a doctor. What do our guys have? That team had it made. They got an economics major for a coach. Shoot, I’ll bet most players would want a doctor for a coach. So I’d have to give the edge to the 1914-15 team.

16, baby!

Via the Daily Page.