Guess who's back with a brand new rap

Yep, we're coming back. If Brad hasn't shown up yet, he certainly will shortly. I've been blogging elsewhere a bit, but it feels good to be back "home".

A big thanks is due to Mike, who kept the blog going while Brad and I were out. We certainly enjoyed his posts, and I'm glad to say he'll be staying around to help fill things out.

LIB was originally a student blog, and probably some of that will continue. But it's hard to say exactly how things will shape up, now that Brad and I are curmudgeonly alumni (let me tell you kids, when I was a freshman, we didn't have any of these fancy new dorms, and by December there were snowdrifts taller than me - we dug tunnels to class, and woe betide anyone who got caught in a cave-in). But you can certainly expect the same mix of crazy photos, off-beat local Wiscinsin lore, music, politics and more.

So go get yourself a drink with an umbrella, pop open your hammock, and get ready - we're back, baby.