Kerry's remarks a disgrace

"You know, education, if you make the most of it and study hard and do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can really do well. If not you're going to end up stuck in Iraq."

That is what Senator Kerry said. He calls it a "botched joke" about the President. I call it disgraceful. When I first heard what he said, I could not believe my ears. What he said basically amounts to saying that the only people who would join the military are dumb or stupid. I honestly do not care if the Senator's comments were a lame attempt at a joke or not, what he actually said, came across as a slap in the face to men and women in uniform.

Let's not forget that Senator Kerry is the one that held the press conference and made this a bigger issue. Had he said that it was a botched joke and had he apologized to the troops for any offense he caused them, then he could have gone on whatever rant he would like against President Bush. Instead, Senator Kerry was defiant, asserting that he owes no one an apology.

Senator Kerry, instead of taking responsibility for his remarks - something that he constantly calls on President Bush to do - is blaming the President and Republicans for taking his words out of context. If that is the case, why then are candidates the Senator was supposed to campaign with, telling him to stay away? Why is Harold Ford calling for Kerry to apologize for his remarks as well? The head of the American Legion has asked for an apology. If his comments are out of context and the result of the "Republican hate-machine," why then would these others be calling on him to apologize?

Senator John McCain is also calling for an apology. The most respected man in the Senate is saying that Senator Kerry was out of line and should apologize.

In case anyone was actually curious about members of the military and their education, Department of Defense records show that 98% of enlisted personnel are high school graduates and 96% of the officer corps are college graduates. Those statistics are much higher than the American population at large. Dumb? Uneducated? I think not.

This is not about the President, the Republican Party, or even the Democratic Party, this is about Senator Kerry insinuating that the only people who would join the military to fight in Iraq are dumb and have no other choice.

Senator Kerry, you need to apologize. Now.