The Election was bad, now let's move on...

This was a bad year to be a Republican, and quite honestly we brought in on ourselves. The most telling statistic that has come out in the wake of the Election is that most voters now identify Republicans as the party of big government and increased spending.

For the past three or four years the Republicans in Congress have been spending out of control. We have abandoned the principles that took us to the majority in 1994 and have become too comfortable in power. I do not believe, however, that this is a major political realignment.

The election of 1994 was a realignment because the Republican party had run an a platform of reform and specific proposals on the direction of the country. This year the Democrats ran on a platform more accurately described as "we're not them." Now they have won back control of both Houses and have the chance to show the nation what their "vision" is.

If the Democrats do more than attack the President and the War, they have a chance to hold onto Congress for a long while, but they must be leaders not just critics.

For the Republicans it is time to return to the basics of what our party has always been. We must return to fiscal responsibility and less, more efficient government.

The results of the election were bad, but it is not the end of the world for the Republican party. Sometimes in politics it is important to get knocked down. The important thing is how the party responds to the loss.