Don't miss the point...

There have been a lot of people who have suggested that it is Green's fault for Doyle being re-elected. These people say that Scott Walker would have actually won if he hadn't dropped out back in the Spring. Although some interesting arguments are made, this type of second-guessing is pointless.

Mark Green was our nominee for Governor in the Republican Party and he lost, we all did.

The problem with this is that sour grapes about the candidate does not address the problems that we experienced in the course of the election. Charlie Sykes makes an excellent point that no Democrat incumbent Governor or Senator lost anywhere in the country. No matter how good the challenger or how corrupt the incumbent we were unable to unseat anyone.

If we focus on the "if only we had run someone else" argument we miss what happened. Exit polling from around the nation shows that upwards of 60% of the undecided and independent voters broke for the Democrats on Election Day. As I have said before, the Republicans are now seen as the Party of big government. That is the biggest problem we have going forward now.

Four years from now Scott Walker may very well be the Republican nominee for Governor. Just as I supported Green, I will gladly support Walker. However, simply because your candidate dropped out does not mean that you jump ship and quit. Republicans do not throw each other under the bus simply because they lost an election or disagree with the party line. Democrats do that (see Lieberman, Joe), but we do not.

We have serious problems with our Party right now and how the public views us. That is where our focus must be for the next few years. We need to rebuild our image by rebuilding the Republican Party into the Party of reform, less government and increased freedom. We need a change in direction, not just a change in the candidate.

It was a phenomenally bad year for the Republican Party, but that doesn't mean it needs to happen again. We will win again if, and only if, we look at why we lost and not who lost.