Why don't you answer the charge, Tammy?

Congresswoman Baldwin is mad. She is mad because someone had the audacity to call her out on her record.

The Magnum Campaign's newest commercial takes Baldwin to task about her vote against a mandatory minimum for child sex predators. Her response isn't about why she voted against the 5 year minimum; instead she blames a national effort to attack those who voted against it. Why not answer the charge Congresswoman? You obviously believe that you were right to vote against a mandatory minimum sentence for child sex predators, so why not trust the people of your district and explain your vote?

The answer is simple: Baldwin cannot explain away her vote. True, she voted for final passage of the larger bill, but she did vote against the harsher punishments for convicted child predators that have failed to fulfill their legal obligations. I think it is a very reasonable thing to point that out. Why would Baldwin believe that Judges are so much more qualified to hand out sentences than simply require a 5 year sentence to a convicted child molester?

We have all heard the stories of Judges in Vermont and Ohio handing down sentences of mere months for repeat child predators. If that is what some Judges believe is fair sentencing, I think that Congress has an obligation to step in and set down tough minimum sentences. Baldwin, however, thinks that only Judges are capable of making those decisions.

Instead of avoiding the charge, and claiming that she is victim of some sort of witch hunt, Baldwin should directly answer the question and explain her vote. However she won't because voters might actually say that her vote wasn't good enough.