Tammy Baldwin: What have you done for us lately?

Over the last few weeks I have seen a lot of commercials for 2nd Congressional District candidate Dave Magnum. He has visited Campus 3 times already this semester, including a 90 minute open forum where students asked him all sorts of questions about his positions.

But where is his opponent, our Congresswoman, Tammy Baldwin? Has she even visited Campus yet, or run a single commercial? Has she allowed herself to be extensively questioned by students, even her supporters? Not that I know of, but hey, I could be wrong.

I went to Baldwin's website earlier today just to see what was going on with her campaign, and saw a section on her accomplishments. Being a curious person, I checked out her "accomplishments," and I found nothing. That's right, nothing. Aside from securing $150 million dollars over 8 years for the district, she has no real accomplishments. There are no bills signed into law, no reform initiatives, nothing. Sure, she has a list of endorsements, but show me one Democrat in the State of Wisconsin that doesn't have every union endorsing them. Baldwin's endorsements are standard for virtually any liberal running for federal office.

Baldwin lists health care as first and foremost of her issues, and not just health care but health care for all. She cites the millions of uninsured Americans and talks about the importance of making sure that everyone has adequate health care. That's all well and good, but what has Baldwin done about it? Why isn't there a bullet point under her accomplishments that mentions her work on this issue? Could it be the fact that she has done nothing to actually fix the problem?

Baldwin has had 8 years in the House to do something about these issues that she says are so important to her, yet she has not delivered.

I think that raises some serious questions. She is going to be on Campus tonight for a concert in her honor, does anyone think she would answer some of the questions I have asked here?

She is our representative in Congress, and that means she works for us. Shouldn't we ask her what she has actually done, instead of just talking about the problems?