St. Norbert's Poll Way Off

St. Norbert's should really stop conducting polls. For at least the last 3 election cycles, their polls have been consistently off. Not by 3-5 points, but by much, much more.

The most recent poll by St. Norbert's was released on the heels of several others. The widest margin by any of the other polls was 6%, that was a Research 2000 poll. The latest Rasmussen and Zogby polls, both of which are nationally respected firms that are usually quite accurate, place the race much tighter.

The Zogby poll shows a margin of only 2%.

The point behind all this is that Mark Green is gaining momentum. Despite them constant smear campaign by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and Governor Doyle's campaign Wisconsin voters are growing tired of life with Doyle in the Governor's office.

Maybe it is the case that the voters are more intelligent than the Democrats give them credit for, and understand that a change is needed.