Magnum deserves to go to Washington

Dave Magnum picked up a huge endorsement this weekend from the Wisconsin State Journal.

The reason this is such a big deal is that two years ago, Magnum lost by a large margin to Baldwin in the general election. Given that, and the overall "anti-Republican" sentiment of this election, why would the State Journal bother to endorse Magnum? Why not just endorse and Tammy and be done with it?

The answer is simple: Tammy doesn't live in the real world, Dave Magnum does.

The problem is that Tammy Baldwin is too far outside the mainstream to be of any use in Congress. The editorial board realized that our district deserves someone who can go to Congress to actually make a difference on issues that matter to all people. Magnum's real world experience on the issue of healthcare will help him make real progress on the issue, as opposed to Tammy's insistence on the idea of universal healthcare.

Magnum has been a proven job creator who knows what it takes to keep good jobs here in the state. Instead, Baldwin has said that Congress simply can't trust businesses to do right by their employees.

Magnum must meet a payroll every week and has never failed to do so; he understands what it means to make priorities and tough decisions to balance budgets. What has Baldwin done?

This endorsement also shows that Magnum has quite a bit of momentum going into Election Day. Contrary to popular belief, Republicans can win in the 2nd Congressional District. It's time that we had a real representative in Congress and not just a placeholder who attends ribbon-cutting ceremonies.