Election not as bad as some think

The Republicans will lose some seats this year in the House of Representatives, but they will not lose the House. The Senate is not even in play.

Despite all the scandals and controversies plaguing Congress there is no way the Democrats will take control of the House. Unlike 1994, the Democrats do not have a coherent message that effectively nationalizes the congressional campaign. The only issue that they have found to run is hatred of President Bush and the Republicans and that is not an issue that will resonate beyond their base.

Most voters need something more than hate to vote for a candidate or party. Most voters need a reason to vote for, not against, someone. What have the Democrats offered voters in terms of hope or direction? The answer is nothing. Nothing but investigations and show trials against the Bush administration.

There may be some districts in the nation where Republicans do not intend to vote, but that does not translate into a national trend. Wisconsin is a perfect example. Here we have a governor who has sold our state to the highest bidder, chased jobs away at an alarming rate (1,000 in the last month), and done nothing to fix our budget deficit. Republicans in this state are energized and ready to elect a Republican governor and attorney general.

All politics is local, and the Democrats have done nothing to nationalize the election or even make an effective case for what they will do better or different if elected.