The Dishonesty of the Left

This election year has been filled with more mud-slinging and dishonesty than I have ever seen before. Not surprisingly, most of it comes from the left.

First and foremost, look at what the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and Gov. Doyle's campaign have done to Mark Green's record. Every day they portray Green as an extreme member of the Republican Party and a dangerous choice for Wisconsin. The Left's main charges are grossly exaggerated.

Take the charge we here on Campus that Green has cut financial aid. The truth is that federal financial aid has increased significantly during the time Green has been in Congress. Those cuts people are talking about is the difference between Democratic and Republican increases in the programs. What about Green increasing tuition? Well, Green is in Congress and cannot raise tuition, the final say on tuition increases actually comes from the Board of Regents and the Governor's office, and we know that Governor Doyle is the one who has allowed tuition to rise over 50% in the last four years.

The other major charge, that Green has "dirty" money is absurd. Green legally raised all of his money, followed a quarter of a century of precedent and transferred money from a federal to a state campaign. It is the same thing Mayor Barrett did 4 years ago. The State Elections Board was lobbied by a Doyle Campaign lawyer about the PR implications and did not have a rule prohibiting the transfer until after the transfer took place.

The distortion and desperation has gotten so bad that DPW even tried to link Green to the Mark Foley scandal.

The dishonesty, however, is not just in how the Left portrays its opponents' records, but also their own record.

Gov. Doyle's assertion that he has balanced the budget is ridiculous. He played a shell game of postponing payments and shifting budgets to "balance" this year's budget, but we still face a deficit of over $1 billion at the end of the 2-year budget cycle. The Gov. talks about all the "tough choices" he has made to cut spending in the state. If that is true, how come overall state spending has increased in the neighborhood of 20% during his term in office? The truth is, one of the only places he actually cut is the UW System budget to the tune of $250 million. The Gov. trumpets his signing of the first state-wide property-tax "freeze." The truth behind that statement is he vetoed a tighter property-tax freeze twice before finally signing a very weak and watered down version.

The Left, as usual, is ready and willing to say and do anything to get elected here in Wisconsin. Think about why Gov. Doyle and the DPW are focusing so much on painting Green as an extreme guy. The reason is that Gov. Doyle has not led our state well and we are not better off for it.