Conservatives on Campus: Stand up and be heard

This is going to be a great semester on Campus.

I can say that without reservation because the fight for the political fight for the future of the Campus and the University and the State has already begun. In the lecture halls of the Humanities building I found fliers telling me all about the importance of the gay marriage amendment and the WUD referendum and countless other things that I really didn't care about. I read signs and posters about the "socialist alternative" to current world problems and walked over chalkings that through some odd equation make Governor Doyle equal students' rights, a fair Wisconsin, and voting rights.

The problem with all of this is simple: where is the other side?

The Democrats and socialists and anarchists have all hit the ground running this semester with the propaganda war, but the Republicans and conservatives on Campus - myself included - are deafeningly silent. We need to speak up, and now.

Take for instance the chalkings and posters about what a great guy Governor Doyle is for students. Such a statement is absurd. Under Doyle's leadership our tuition has gone up 55% since he took office, something he promised as candidate Doyle would never happen. Doyle has consistently increased state spending while consistently cut the UW budget. How is he a friend of the students?

How does Doyle make this a fair Wisconsin? The tax burden is so great that businesses (places that would give us jobs as college graduates) are leaving the state. How is that fair to those of us who have spent 4 or 5 years studying in Wisconsin's universities to not have the jobs available to us in our own state? Would a fair Wisconsin continue to raise tuition enough so as to price it out of reach for working families, while at the same time cutting tuition for out-of-state students? I realize that "fair Wisconsin" is the catch-phrase for the anti-gay marriage amendment campaign, but shouldn't a truly fair Wisconsin be much more than that?

We are facing some very serious issues in this coming election. We have a Governor who thinks we are too stupid to remember the promises he made 4 years ago, a Congresswoman who takes our support on Campus for granted, and the serious issue of gay marriage in our state.

As conservatives on this Campus, we cannot sit on the sidelines simply because the other side is yelling loudly. We owe to our fellow students to stand up a be voice a reason and alternative. Not with silly slogans and empty rhetoric, but with what we know to be right.

We have let the liberals on this Campus have the spotlight for far too long.