Baldwin's rhetoric doesn't match actions

This morning, Tammy Baldwin insisted on Wisconsin Public Radio that she "strenuously supports" active duty military personnel.

Really? It's news to me.

I myself am a veteran. I still serve in the Wisconsin Army National Guard. Baldwin spoke at two send-off ceremonies for my unit and told the soldiers and their families that they could count on her for anything we could need during our deployments. She lied to all of us.

She told us we could count on her, yet she voted against an $87 billion supplemental spending bill (and other subsequent supplemental bills) that ultimately provided the funding that gave us the armor for our vehicles and improved the quality of our equipment. Why, if she supports us so much, would she vote against something that ultimately protects lives?

Baldwin continuously talks about withdrawing, or "redeploying" out of Iraq because she supports the troops. What about those of us who have served over there and don't want to leave until the job is done? Or what about those who died fighting, have they all died in vain?

What Baldwin's votes against supplemental spending for the War in Iraq amounts to is an attempt to force us out by cutting off our funding. If she is truly against the War, take it out on the President but do not take it out on the troops.

Supporting the troops does not mean asking them to quit before the job is done. Supporting the troops means giving them the tools and the funding that they need in order to accomplish their mission. I don't care what Baldwin thinks of the President or the reasons for going to Iraq in the first place. Those are questions for another time.

As a member of Congress she needs to realize that supporting the troops means more than rhetoric. It takes more than just saying you care about the soldiers and their families. If Baldwin truly supports the troops then she should do it with her actions not just empty rhetoric. She should not deny us funding that we need for our mission.

Personally, I am tired of liberals like Baldwin who hide behind the rhetoric of supporting our troops in order to call for the retreat and surrender of our forces in Iraq. It's dishonest and we should expect more from our Congresswoman.