More Enlightened Response from UWM

A nice little facebook message from [B] at UW-Milwaukee about my column on the proposed name change (I've bleeped things out as best as I could):

From: [B] (Wisconsin Milwaukee)

To: Brad V

Subject: f*** you

Message: listen kid. i dont give two sh*** if you go to madison or not. i'm from madison area and i'm glad i got outta town. i had the grades and act score to attend madison if i wanted, but i didnt want to. i choose to move outta small town world and actually into a major city. why the f*** you care so much if we change our names? i didnt vote in support of the name change, i think we should remain uw-m. but who the hell are you to come out and degrade us like that. make you feel better? feel high and mighty now do ya lil fella? what a puss. you know what, that's exactly why so many people in this state hate madison. cause you think you're so much better than everyone else. go ahead, call yourself elitists. the nazis did. dick. f' off. and stop writing about my school you lil prick. nobody cares that you go to madison. your university does employ more felons then any other university in the state. go ahead, check the 2006 university census. it's right in there. #1 school of drunk idiots. congrats. do yourself and all of us a favor. write about something other than your insecurities.

A) It's called satire - unless I really hit on more truths than I realized and provoked someone else's insecurities...and B) Why do UWM people keep proving my point to me over and over again?

If you have a spare moment, I'd suggest facebooking him [link removed] and giving him a poke, just as we would to any annoying goalie at an opposing school.

UPDATE: This means war! Poke the authors of some of these posts at the UWM facebook group supporting the name change (which, I might add, failed in a student referendum). This kid should also learn that throwing the term "fa*s" around loosely on the internet is not a smart idea.