ASM Election Cancelled, Referendums Now in Question - Continuing Live Blog

"I don't see electronic as any kind of an answer. This sytem is not something we're prepared to run again any time soon...paper is the solution right now." - DOIT Representative

"I don't have too much faith in it at this point." - Chief Justice Fox on the current electronic system

Fox has just moved to use paper ballots in the rescheduled election. The motion has been seconded; more details will be determined tomorrow or at a future date.

The motion, Fox clarifies, is not to exclude the use of an electronic scanner for ids.

"This election's f-ed up, man." - a person standing on the sidelines of the meeting, muttering under his breath

The Commission is now considering the fact that religious observations are next week; SJ, the SEC chair now points out, has policy forbidding business on observed holy days.

Chair Leonard, wearing a tie and blue shirt, is now walking around the table and trips a few times - hopefully coincidence, not omen.

The committee is now talking about whether or not photo id can be required.

Committee notes that it must leave the chamber at 11:00 p.m.

Allison Rice, matriarch of ASM - and a rather nice person - now speaks: she outlines the old process of paper ballot voting in ASM.

Scene Report: ASM officers Eric Varney and Dylan Rath are present, numerous candidates, Student Government members, DOIT Staff, other reporters

*******Finally, the vote on going to paper ballots with possiblitiy of electonric id scanning: Motion passes. "We will be using paper ballots and there will be a verification using student ids." - Chair Tim Leonard

Justice Tyack - Initiatives - concerns he would like to bring up about referendum portion. "There were 436 less ballots than they have voter ids from." "One thing that this doesn't take into account - it is impossible to know how many people had impartial ballots." "There is a ballot for that person, but that ballot is incomplete." "It is impossible to know how many more people had incomplete ballots."

"This brings up enough questions in my opinion that we should consider re-running the referendums."

"What beyond those were bad votes? We have absolutely no way of knowing how many ballots were..."

This is huge! The living wage referendum could be invalidated under this.

Chief Justice Fox: "While we may have 43some confirmed, we know nothing beyond that...so if you decide to rerun initiatives based on pure speculation, I would be very cautious if I were you."

Meeting adjourned: 10:54 p.m. Commission will be meeting at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow TITU.
Hmmm...I'm suddenly feeling vindicated for my vote a few years ago against going to all online elections in ASM.