Who reads the blogs?

"We are seeing the evolution of the media." - Charlie Sykes

Sykes points out, as others have, that it's not necessarily how many people read blogs, but who. Opinion leaders read it.

"Coverage sucked - that's a technical term." - Brian Fraley on the MSM coverage of political coverage after the MJS merger

Rep. Pocan
- plans to use podcasting and blogging in his campaign on the college campus in his district.

Garvey - takes another swing at Sykes - geez - bemused laughter from the crowd.

This seems to be the liveliest of the panels. It's hard to see the panelists from here in the back of the room - a dais would have been a good idea.

The panel concludes with Sykes and Garvey - who, according to Sykes, missed the people's revolution - shaking hands.