Protesters Dying for a Living Wage

Protesters were out in front of Memorial Union earlier seeking a living wage.

Labor groups like SLAC want a referendum to pass next week in the ASM student government elections that would mandate a living wage at certain student-funded facilities.

Besides being illegal at the student government level, the legislation may be illegal under university policy.

The Badger Herald Editorial Board summed things up nicely today with regards to that referendum, advising a NO vote:
While the imposition of a living wage seems noble in the abstract, its implications need to be considered. Do students scooping Babcock Ice Cream at Memorial Union need a living wage? Does the student swiping IDs at the SERF deserve a wage hike?

Most importantly, should all students be forced to shoulder an even higher segregated fee burden in the wake of massive tuition hikes? They should not.
I talked to Ashok Kumar, candidate for Dane County Board, who said he hoped his side would push the living wage referendum through.

We agreed, however, on the need to defeat the union renovation referendum.

Politics, as they say, makes for strange bedfellows...it's time to renew the alliance from last spring when the far-left and campus conservatives came together to defeat a similar referendum.

As I've mentioned before, VOTE NO TWICE.