Hypocrisy on the ASM Referenda

Supporters of mandating a living wage in fee-funded institutions on campus sent out this rather paradoxical e-mail earlier today:
The Living Wage initiative would guarantee a wage of $10.23/hour, which is 110% of the federal poverty line for a family of four, for all UW workers paid for by student fees. Poverty-level wages are currently making it a struggle for many campus workers to raise their families and for student workers to pay their tuition. Please vote YES on the Living Wage initiative to correct this injustice and ensure that all workers at the Wisconsin Union, Rec Sports, and UHS are treated and paid fairly.

The Wisconsin Union renovation referendum will raise your seg fees by almost $200/year for the next 30 years. With the ever-rising cost of tuition, this extra fee is just not worth it. WUFIP will take more student money and put in the hands of UW administrators and their private partners - raising student fees yet again for very little that will actually benefit students. Please vote NO to oppose this unnecessary measure!
Ok, so you're against higher seg. fees with the union referendum, but you want to jack them through the roof with the living wage referendum? I don't quite see how that works out.

The sentence highlighted in green should apply to both referenda and result in a NO vote on both.