Goldberg Live Blog - Opening Salvos

"If I had known there was going to be a lectern, I wouldn't have worn pants."

He's a bit stockier in real life. Sort of a spiffed up, radically slimmed down version of Peter Griffin. Modern glasses.

"That blouse makes you look like a hooker."

Wow. Edgy humor.

Goldberg now turns his attention to the topic of the night, the media coverage and national perception of Hurricane Katrina.

"Everything you know about it is just simply wrong." - on Katrina

"Almost everything the MSM has reported turned out to be wrong."

"If anything, whites died disproportionately from Hurricane Katrina."

"It was because of the particular incompetence of Mayor Nagin and the Louisiana State Government. They're the ones that screwed the pooch."

"Hey, I think screwed the pooch is a PG phrase."

The crowd is eating this up. He's an animated speaker - looks upwards in the lecture hall most of the time. The backlight over his head is flickering annoyingly.

"The media thinks it did a great job."

"Only they can do what the blogosphere cannot and get the truth out there."

"If the place is like Thunder Dome in there...whatever happened to due diligence and going into the place and saying...show me something. It turns out nobody died in the Super Dome."

"The media killed people." - false reports caused medical treatment to stop and rescue parties to cease looking

"He basically took himself apart like an android to put himself back in the box." - on Rather's memo-gate undoing

"Dude, you drank my last beer." - a metaphor for the liberal media, how it, as the annoying college roommate, has the beer in hand and denies taking your last beer

"Everyone saw in Katrina what they wanted to see - including conservatives."

Goldberg is hitting the water bottle hard. He seems to have the burps a bit.

"Dick Cheney is sitting somewhere in the White House eating kittens...Katrina was proof that the evil overlords in the White House were planning something." - mocking the liberals who saw Katrina as the work of the administration

"Whenever something happens...some liberal will say that we need a new Marshall Plan...for...monkey containment. 'We need a new New Deal.'"

He's rolling along. A cheeky tone. Big words.