The First Ever MOA Award

It looks like Governor Doyle signed a bill into law today that requires all Wisconsin children up to the age of eight to be strapped into child safety seats when they travel in vehicles.

The legislation, which I pummeled at length today in a Badger Herald column, inspired me to institute a new award here at LIB: the MOA Award.

Doyle and the members of the legislature who voted for the bill are the first lucky recipients.

In the spirit of Lakeshore Laments' weekly "WTF Award," I plan to award this MOA or "Masterpiece of Assininity" (that last word is now officially a word) each week to a deserving party involved in whatever event seems most appropriate.

The acronym MOA, incidentally, happens to be the name of a large, flightless, extinct bird from New Zealand. So, I'll pair the award with this photo of a moa specimen in a New Zealand museum, courtesy of my friend Tim Shea.

Here's a little bit on why this week's awardees are so deserving:
By and large, people want to keep their children safe. Institutionalizing that desire in feel-good legislation, however, raises questions about how far the state is willing to go to dictate the intricacies of child rearing. Dean and Pam Schneider in Tomah don’t need a bicameral entity to instruct them in parenting. They can set the potty training schedule themselves.
If you have suggestions for future MOA award recipients during a given week, feel free to send them my way at the e-mail address on the sidebar.