A New Orleans Poem

Here's a poem I wrote back in March of 2003 about my visit to The Crescent City:

New Orleans – French Quarter

The rain cannot discriminate
Between wrought rococo balconies
And the spinning heads of vagabonds;
We are all drenched alike.
It falls in beads, glistening
Like those which choke the trees,
Parade watchers branched serpentine,
Waxy magnolias resplendent in green,
Reflecting this masterwork, bone
Of antiquity grafted into the
Body of today, into the New World.
Wrinkled facings of brick and plaster,
Mixed with the grit of so much
Bacchanalia, laugh in jazz; but the downpour
Cannot distinguish me from
Filigreed French facades or
A revolving red plank of that
Steamboat, marking again the heyday
Of this lively labyrinth where
Hues hopscotch oyster bars and
I trickle merrily down to the Big Muddy
In streets paved so many different ways.

Copyright 2005 Letters in Bottles