Just noticed

Reading the GOP3 blog, I just noticed that I know one of the guys who runs it from high school. Hooray!

And while I'm noticing things, I see the list of "restless natives" to the right is sadly short - let's add some names, shall we? How about -
Blogger Beer - a great name for any blog, and he has a great restaurant review up
Jiblog - man, I read this guy every day; I can't believe I haven't linked him yet
Dummocrats - well, duh
Random10 - who seems to be taking "blogger beer" seriously
the Appletonian - although not as great a city as Menasha, still a pretty good one (but I may be a little biased)

Update: heck, while I'm adding stuff, go check out Everyone Drunk but Me. It ran for 4 years in the Daily Cardinal, and is now being "reprinted" (as it were) online. It is the most charming and funny comic you'll ever read!