Places to be

An e-mail from the CRs:
This Saturday, July 2 at 10:30 am, The Capitol City Band and Madison
Veteran's Council are teaming up to give a rousing "tribute to the
troops" -- a free concert on the Capitol Square- S. Hamilton Street
Walkway on the Capitol Square. Sarah Ulrich, the RPW Field Staffer for
the Southern Region of Wisconsin, and I are hoping to get a group of
local Republicans out to show support for our troops and will be meeting
up where W. Washington meets with the Square near Grace Church at the
park benches at 10 am. We are going to meet there and then about
10:05-10:10 head over to S. Hamilton. I have some signs from other
Support Our Troops events that I can bring and I will be wearing my "We
Heart Our Troops" shirt. It would be great if you are still in Madison
this weekend if you would come out for an hour or so to show your
support. If you have signs, bring them if you can, and wear your Troops
shirts or other patriotic garb.

Now you know, and, as they say, knowing is half the battle!