Blogging the Future Wisconsin Conference, pt 3
Barry Poulson, Ph.D.

They sure like TABOR! Dr. Poulson is with the Americans for Prosperity Foundation and a professor at in-the-news-lately UC-Boulder.

He begins his remakrs by talking George Norlin, the President of UC-Boulder in the 1930s. He went to Berlin in 1933, and immediately after, began writing about the evils of fascism. Poulson also praises Milton Friedman. He talks about these people in order to not talk about his university's rather famous recent professor.

But now he moves into his scheduled remarks - TABOR in Colorado, which he helped design. Colorado hasn't raised taxes, he says, since 1992.

Why does Wisconsin need it? We aren't doing very well economically, he says, and we're deteriorating. We've created no new jobs in the last decade. He blames these problems largely on Wisconsin having the 6th highest tax rates nationally. So, he calls for the constraint of government growth, and business stabilization, through TABOR. If the private sector has to cut spending, so should the government, he says.

He also calls for Wisconsin to give every school a grade every year - if it fails for three years in a row, it is closed and re-opened as a charter school. He also wants reform in higher education - Colorado has a voucher program for universities that grew out of their TABOR that allows students to put state money toward private schools. He wants to see the same thing in Wisconsin - competition, he says, will push for a better school system.

He ends with calling for us to show the same courage as Norlin and Friedman and Reagan.

Update: they give him a cheesehead! "When TABOR becomes law in Wisconsin, you'll have to wear this for a week."