Ideology revealed

The Left has no scruples at all any more. Otherwise, how can we explain this?

A kindly doctor has diagnosed this disease:
This is the Left's new version of Descartes' "I think, therefore I am". In their view, "I feel it, therefore it is", seems to sum up their entire philosophy of life, as well as the nuances of their "thinking". Evidence or facts are entirely unnecessary.

Sadly, I've run up against this type of thinking. In my beloved "Pissing off Hippies" discussion last week, I picked a fight with the Pope. He'd come out against geneticall modified foods, saying modifying plants' genes is "playing God". I responded that that was bollocks - by that line of reasoning, so is creating any kind of medicine to keep us healthy. The first response was, "Well, you can't say any opinion is bad!" You see, it doesn't matter if things make sense - it's an opinion! You can't argue with an opinion! ...Except that he argued with my opinion...