"Liberal" business growth

A survey in the Wisconsin State Journal says that while Madison business owners think the city is a good place to do business, they don't feel the city is promoting "a positive business environment". One of the city's alders responds:

"I just wish we could get more concrete about what the problem is. ... I'm very interested in helping small, locally owned businesses thrive. I just can't get a handle on what we can do. I'm frustrated."

Maybe it has to do with the city idiotically raises the minimum wage despite business protests. Instead of helping business keep costs down, the city worked against businesses to further its socialist agenda. Now it doesn't have the courage to stand up for what it's done.

Relatedly, the city only has 6 alchohol licenses to give out this year. This will be bad news as the city expands, but don't count on the state to do much about it.