It was a good try

Rumors that Kid Rock was set to perform at the inauguration have turned out to be wrong after all. Although I never thought I'd see the day I was disappointed that Kid Rock wasn't performing somewhere, the symbolism is important. Just as some predicted that Kerry would have been a weak president, with little base left by the time he was sworn in, so has President Bush's victory created a power shift in the Republican Party. As wrong as the "moral values voters are all right-wing Christians" meme is, it continues its hold in both camps. Those on the left, of course, love it because it lets them continue thinking that Bush and his supporters are all insane bigots.

But because the (liberal) media didn't put the meme to rest, it also gives the right wing, conservative Christian side of the GOP a strong voice inside the party. Kid Rock performing would have given some sign that the libertarian wing of the GOP was alive and well.

Update: More bad news - they're keeping Hilary Duff and JoJo...

Update 2: More moral outrage!